One-Off: Side Projects

Hello there!

As you can maybe guess by the title, today I am going to be talking about side project. Specifically, things that I am working on outside of both school and work.

The Blog You’re Reading

If you’re reading this post right now, then thank you! You’re helping me stay motivated to keep creating content to share. Support goes a very long way and even though I haven’t been doing this for long, it’s always nice to people giving my posts a read.

Currently, my plan is to keep making content to share and gain more knowledge about different aspects of the game industry. In addition to that, I want to have a space to be able to share and discuss opinions, share other things I’m working on, and eventually start doing more in the way of reviews. At the end of the day, the most important part of this process is to have the opportunity to meet new people and to build something together.


Writing is something that I have enjoyed doing for a few years at this point. From short stories to game narrative to novel writing to this blog, I have tried my hand at a lot of things writing wise. Although I haven’t done much in the way of completing things, I have constantly been working on improving my writing skills. I feel that now I am much better than when I began and I know that I will get better as time goes on.

For now, my plan is to focus on writing for this blog and continuing to develop my skills and share shorter projects. Before tackling a novel, I would like to work on my basic skills and finish some short stories. Soon, I will share some previous writing projects I have done and talk a little bit about the background on it. Also, this semester of university I am taking a class based around narrative for video games and would like to share some of the concepts that I develop over the course.

Video Games

As you may or may not know, I am currently in school for computer game design. I have always had a passion for video games and now I get to study them in school. The courses I have been taking have taught me everything from 2D and 3D art to using Unity and Unreal to narrative design and everything in-between.

At the end of my studies, I plan on starting my own indie studio. Along the way there, I am trying to lay out the foundations and learn as much as I can about creating games. That brings me to another reason why I started this blog. My plan is to eventually use this as a developer’s blog as well and share what I am creating. Hopefully attracting people to be interested in what I am doing.

Arts & Crafts

In the realm of creating things, I also very much enjoy art. Honestly speaking, I enjoy making things and learning new processes to make things that look visually interesting. There is so much more that I want to learn to do along with how I can refine what I already know how to do. In my opinion, my favorite part about making things is figuring out how to make it even better.

As it stands, I am working on starting a shop on Etsy for custom controller shells for game controllers. I have also learned a little bit about making dice sets for D&D. In order to get that to a point where I could also sell them on Etsy, I need to learn about how to engrave the numbers properly or how to add them on top.

At the end of the day, I work on these many different side projects with the goal of eventually getting to quit my job and do what I really want to do for a career. I like to believe that I’ll get there eventually, but for now I just gotta take it a day at a time.

Thank you for taking the time to read! If you have anything that you like to do on the side, feel free to share and talk about it in the comments!

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