Game of the Month Part 1 (September 2019)


For the month of September, I am going to be discussing Dicey Dungeons. Since this is the first week of this month, I am going to discuss the game in a broader sense. The future posts will then focus on going into depth about the aspects I enjoy and finally ending on the last week with what I don’t like and offer some changes that could make it better.

Why I Chose This Game

The reason why I chose this game is simply because it is fun. Not to mention, one of the few games, if not the only game, that my partner has spent more time playing it than I have. Despite not being into games as much as I am, she has played a lot of this one and, in my opinion, that makes it special. Not to mention, the lovely art style, story, personality, and depth of different ways to play the game. All of the previous comes together to make a great experience.


Dicey Dungeons is a procedurally generated strategy game where you take control of one of six different characters battling Lady Luck. Each class plays differently from the last, giving you a the ability to find a playstyle that works for you or the opportunity to master different ways of play. Each character also has a specific goal they want to achieve by taking part in Lady Luck’s contest. Even the enemies have fun flavor text that are related to what they are and can show up when you defeat them.


You start the game by playing as the first class, the Warrior. You are introduced to the character and the general narrative. The game is made up of six floors, five with enemies, loot and the like to go through while the final floor is the boss. Your goal is to make it to the end of each floor, finally making it to the sixth one and defeating the boss.

Characters have equipment, which take up equipment slots. This equipment becomes the loadout you take into battle. Each turn, you roll a number of dice and you use those dice in your equipment to deal damage, heal, etc. Defeating enemies gives you gold, experience and sometimes other rewards. Along the way, you can level up to gain more dice to use, more health and you get opportunities to upgrade your equipment. If your health reaches zero, then you lose and have to start over. Make it to the end without dying and you unlock more characters. Additionally, you unlock new episodes to change up the rule set and you go through the process again.

Overall, Dicey Dungeons is a very fun experience and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys strategy mixed with luck. As always, thank you for reading! I am excited to talk more about Dicey Dungeons. Next week I will be talking about some of the interesting mechanics that are presented by the different characters.

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