Game of the Month Part 2 (August, 2019)

Welcome Back to GOTM Part 2!

In Last week’s post, we talked about why I decided on Dicey Dungeons to be the Game of the Month and gave a brief overview. This week, I am going to go into a little more depth about a specific aspect. Thus, as mentioned at the end of that post, this week we are going to talk about the characters.

How It Works

One of the many charms of Dicey Dungeons comes from the personality not only the enemies have, but also the player characters have. From a warrior to a robot, each character has a specific prize that they want to win from the Dungeon. Each character also has a different playstyle associated with their archetype. For instance, the warrior relies on higher rolls and more damage output. On the other hand, the robot has a blackjack style mechanic that let you keep rolling dice until you either hit the jackpot or bust.

Further adding personality to the characters, there is flavor text in the form of a quote by each character. Something I learned while writing this post is that the flavor text quotes for each character change as you complete more episodes. Then when you start the episode, there is some narrative that furthers each character’s story of their journey through the different dungeon and their relation with Lady Luck. As of the time of this post, I haven’t finished all the episodes of a single character, but I have some speculations about how the narrative can continue.

Why I Chose This Aspect

This aspect of the game is interesting to me because there ends up being two levels of depth to playstyle. Each class has specific traits that make them play differently in the first place. On top of that, each character has different episodes that add stipulations to how the character plays throughout that dungeon. Although some definitely end up being easier than others, the overall balance is really well done.

As mentioned above, the robot kind of plays blackjack with dice rolls. You start off with a set limit and each die rolled adds to a counter. If you go over, you get an error that stops you from rolling further and gets rid of your equipment, with a couple exceptions. However, if you hit the jackpot, you get a couple of options to help you out in the encounter. Later on, there is another episode that, instead of the blackjack mechanic, you get to directly choose what die is rolled. However, there is a fifty-percent chance that a random piece of equipment will be unusable for the rest of your turn. So while both let the player choose whether or not to keep rolling, they do it in two completely different ways. It is this depth that makes Dicey Dungeons really interesting to me.

Again, if you haven’t played Dicey Dungeons yet, I would recommend doing so if you enjoy a blend of strategy and luck. All of the elements come together to make a charming experience that has a lot of replayability.

Anyways, that’s the end of this week, thank you for reading! Next week I will be talking about some more of factors that add some depth to the game.

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