Game of the Month Part 3 (August, 2019)

Welcome Back to GOTM Part 3!

I apologize for being a little late on this post, but I have been occupied with school and work. As you may remember from last week’s post, we talked a little bit about the characters featured in Dicey Dungeons. As mentioned at the end of that post, this week we are going to talk about what I think adds some more depth to the game.

Why I Chose This Aspect

When it comes to playing games that are considered roguelikes or roguelites, one of the most important aspects is how the game varies from run to run. In the case of Dicey Dungeons, it has some of the normal elements of these styles of games. However, they added something to put a little twist on the traditional elements of the genre. As this genre expands, developers have to find extra things they can do to make their game stand out. Since it forces some form of innovation, I find it interesting to look at the results.

How It Works

Normally, in roguelikes, we see randomly generated levels, random enemies, random loot, permadeath, and so on. Dicey Dungeons follows this similar pattern, but in their own way. Even though permadeath exists in this game, instead of making a new character, you just fail the episode. As previously mentioned, each character in Dicey Dungeons has different episodes where we learn more about their journey and play under different rule sets. While there is still the random loot and such, each episode can vary because sometimes all the equipment or status effects change. By changing the definitions of how certain aspects work, it opens more experimentation for the player, adding more ways to play.

Developers are often forced to come up with something that modifies set systems or even something new to add. Because of this, many games within a genre may have similar elements, but can play completely different from one another. It is this aspect that inspires me to create and see how I can push basic concepts. Hopefully it does the same for you, regardless of what you enjoy doing. That brings me to ask, what is it that inspires you to create? Or even what interesting changes to genre concepts have you seen?

That’s the end of this week, thank you for reading! Next week I will be talking about some of the criticisms I have of Dicey Dungeons while trying to look at possible solutions.

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